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    Published by: Punjab, Mehram Group of Publications (India)
    Subject: General Interest Periodicals - India
    Published: 1983

    Available at 3 Universities.

    Indian Journal of Gender Studies
    Published by: Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd. (India)
    Subject: Women's Studies
    Language: English
    Published: 1983
    ISSN: 0971-5215, 0973-0672

    Available at 68 Universities.

    Critical Reviews in Biotechnology
    Published by: New York, Informa Healthcare (United States of America)
    Subject: Biology - Biotechnology
    Language: English
    Published: 1983
    ISSN: 0738-8551

    Available at 5 Universities.

    Education for Information
    Published by: Amsterdam, I O S Press (Netherlands)
    Subject: Library And Information Sciences
    Language: English
    Published: 1983
    ISSN: 0167-8329

    Available at 3 Universities.