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Discovery and Innovation
Published by: Nairobi, Academy Science Publishers (Kenya)
Subject: Biology - Biological Chemistry
Published: 1989
ISSN: 1015-079X

Available at 1 Universities.

Kenya Farmer
Published by: Nairobi, Agricultural Society of Kenya (Kenya)
Subject: Agriculture
Published: 1954
ISSN: 0023-0421

Available at 1 Universities.

East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal
Published by: Nairobi, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (Kenya)
Subject: Agriculture
Published: 1935
ISSN: 0012-8325

Available at 1 Universities.

Agroforestry Today
Published by: Nairobi, International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (Kenya)
Subject: Agriculture
Published: 1979
ISSN: 1013-9591

Available at 4 Universities.

Insect Science and its Application
Published by: Nairobi, International Center of Insect Physiology and Ecology (Kenya)
Subject: Biology - Entomology
Language: English
Published: 1980
ISSN: 0191-9040

Available at 3 Universities.