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    Alternatives : perspectives on society technology and environment
    Published by: Waterloo, University of Waterloo, Faculty of Environmental Studies (Canada)
    Subject: Environmental Studies
    Language: English
    Published: 1971
    ISSN: 0002-6638

    Available at 3 Universities.

    Law Library Journal
    Published by: Chicago, American Association of Law Libraries (United States of America)
    Subject: Library And Information Sciences
    Language: English
    Published: 1908
    ISSN: 0023-9283

    Available at 2 Universities.

    Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems
    Published by: New York, NY, Columbia University, School of Law (United States of America)
    Subject: Law
    Published: 1965
    ISSN: 0010-1923

    Available at 2 Universities.

    Lokayana Bulletin

    Available at 3 Universities.

    Published by: Portland, Hyster Co. (United States of America)
    Subject: Machinery
    Published: 1949
    ISSN: 0038-6227

    Available at 4 Universities.

    Seminar : the monthly symposium
    Published by: New Delhi, Ed. & Pub. Romesh Thapar (India)
    Subject: Political Science
    Published: 1959
    ISSN: 0037-1947

    Available at 19 Universities.

    Indian Journal of Criminology
    Published by: Chennai, Indian Society of Criminology (India)
    Subject: Criminology And Law Enforcement
    Language: English
    Published: 1973
    ISSN: 0376-9844

    Available at 19 Universities.

    Journal of Planning and Environment Law
    Published by: London, Sweet & Maxwell (United Kingdom (Great Britain))
    Subject: Law
                  Environmental Studies
                  Housing And Urban Planning
    Language: English
    Published: 1948
    ISSN: 0307-4870

    Available at 1 Universities.

    Judgements Today
    Published by: New Delhi, Texation Publications Pvt. Ltd. (India)
    Language: English

    Available at 5 Universities.

    Madras Law Journal
    Published by: Chennai, Madras Law Journal Office (India)
    Subject: Law - Criminal Law
    Published: 1957

    Available at 17 Universities.