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The development of Union Databases of various library resources i.e. Books, Theses and Serials have been one of the most important activities of the Centre since its inception. In the beginning, the Centre has funded potential universities of the country for creating bibliographic records of their library collections.

The Centre has developed "IndCat: Online Union Catalogue of Indian Universities" that contains bibliographic records of Books, Theses and Serials contributed by participating universities in all disciplines, i.e. Computer Science, Philosophy, Religion, Social Sciences, Technology, Arts, Literature, History and Science.

Currently IndCat Book Database has 1,34,50,639 Unique Records with 1,86,20,397 holding details of 208 Indian Universities, Theses Database has 4,42,197 Unique Ph.D Records of 444 Universities, Serial Database has 36,159 Records of 232 Institutions.

UGC's Library Automation Scheme

The University Grants Commission (UGC), on recommendation of the INFLIBNET Centre, had given financial aid to 142 universities during IX Plan period and 24 universities during IX/XII Plan periods for automation of their libraries with software and training support from the INFLIBNET Centre.

The Centre proactively helped these universities to automate their libraries. Specialized training programmes were organized on topics related to library automation, standard bibliographic formats, tools and techniques and retro-conversion.







Latest@ IndCat

GujCat 2.0 Portal : Jointly launched by Shri M. Nagarajan, Director, Higher Education & C.E.O, Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat and Director, INFLIBNET Centre on 22nd September 2021.

OCS 2.0 Portal : Launched by Prof. Yogesh Singh, Hon’ble Chairman, Governing Board, INFLIBNET Centre and Vice-Chancellor, DTU, New Delhi on 18th August 2021.

IndCat (Book Database) 1,34,50,639 unique titles with 1,86,20,397 holding details of 208 University/Institute libraries in India.

Latest Records Uploaded : Kannur University and
Central University of Odisha.

List of Defaulter Universities

IndCat (Theses Database) has 4,42,197 Unique Records of 444 Universities.

IndCat (Serial Database) has 36,159 Unique Records of 232 Universities.