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    Published by: Montreal, Ordre des Ingenieurs du Quebec (Canada)
    Subject: Engineering
    Published: 1943
    ISSN: 0032-0536

    Available at 1 Universities.

    Engineering News
    Published by: Dhaka, Institution of Engineers (Bangladesh)
    Subject: Engineering
    Published: 1956

    Available at 2 Universities.

    Indian Engineering Exporter
    Published by: Calcutta, Engineering Export Promotion Council (India)
    Subject: Engineering
    Published: 1957
    ISSN: 0019-4719

    Available at 3 Universities.

    Published by: London, Engineering Today Ltd. (United Kingdom (Great Britain))
    Subject: Engineering
    Published: 1977
    ISSN: 0264-1887

    Available at 4 Universities.

    Applied Physics Letters
    Published by: New York, American Institute of Physics (United States of America)
    Subject: Physics
    Language: English
    Published: 1962
    ISSN: 0003-6951

    Available at 26 Universities.

    Journal of Physics. D, Applied Physics
    Published by: Bristol, Institute of Physics (United Kingdom (Great Britain))
    Subject: Physics
    Language: English
    Published: 1950
    ISSN: 0022-3727

    Available at 28 Universities.

    Indian Mining and Engineering Journal
    Published by: Bhubaneswar, Mining Engineers' Association of India (India)
    Subject: Mines And Mining Industry
    Language: English
    Published: 1962
    ISSN: 0019-5944

    Available at 14 Universities.

    Engineering Economist
    Published by: Norcross, Institute of Industrial Engineers (United States of America)
    Subject: Engineering
    Language: English
    Published: 1955
    ISSN: 0013-791X

    Available at 9 Universities.