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    Canadian Dimension : an independent journal of socialist opinion
    Published by: Winnipeg, Dimension Publishing Inc. (Canada)
    Subject: Political Science
    Published: 1963
    ISSN: 0008-3402

    Available at 1 Universities.

    Geophysical Research Bulletin
    Published by: Hyderabad, National Geophysical Research Institute (India)
    Subject: Earth Sciences - Geophysics
    Published: 1963
    ISSN: 0378-6307

    Available at 8 Universities.

    Published by: W. New York, Mass Media Publications, Inc. (United States of America)
    Subject: Photography
    Published: 1963
    ISSN: 0034-4982

    Available at 1 Universities.

    Indian and Foreign Review
    Published by: New Delhi, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (India)
    Subject: Literary And Political Reviews
    Published: 1963
    ISSN: 0019-4379

    Available at 15 Universities.

    Journal of Educational Research and Extension
    Published by: Coimbatore, Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College of Education (India)
    Subject: Education
    Language: English
    Published: 1963
    ISSN: 0022-068X

    Available at 29 Universities.

    Education Abstracts
    Published by: Washington, DC, Council for Advancement and Support of Education, (United States of America)
    Subject: Education - Abstracting
                  Education - Higher Education
                  Abstracting And Indexing Services
    Published: 1963
    ISSN: 0013-1210

    Available at 9 Universities.

    Indian Journal of Technology
    Published by: New Delhi, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (India)
    Subject: Sciences: Comprehensive Works
    Language: English
    Published: 1963
    ISSN: 0019-5669

    Available at 34 Universities.

    Educational Psychologist
    Published by: Washington, American Psychological Association (United States of America)
    Subject: Psychology
    Language: English
    Published: 1963
    ISSN: 0046-1520

    Available at 2 Universities.

    Vishveshvaranand Indological Journal
    Published by: Punjab, Vishveshvaranand Vedic Research Institute (India)
    Subject: Humanities: Comprehensive Works
    Published: 1963
    ISSN: 0507-1410

    Available at 23 Universities.

    Indian Economic and Social History Review
    Published by: New Delhi, Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd. (India)
    Subject: Social Sciences: Comprehensive Works
                  Business And Economics - Economic Systems And Theories
                  Economic History
    Language: English
    Published: 1963
    ISSN: 0019-4646, 0973-0893

    Available at 102 Universities.