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    Bulletin of Indonesian Economics Studies
    Published by: Canberra, Australian National University (Australia)
    Language: English
    Published: 1965

    Available at 7 Universities.

    Journal of Training and Development
    Published by: Indian Soc of Training and Development
    Language: English

    Available at 1 Universities.

    Bulletin of Agricultural Prices in India
    Published by: New Delhi, Ministry of Agriculture, Directorate of Economics & Statistics, A-2 W/2 Kasturba Gandhi Marg Barracks
    Subject: Agriculture
    Language: English
    Published: 1989

    Available at 5 Universities.

    Indian energy abstracts
    Published by: New Delhi, Tata Energy Research Institute(TERI) Documentation and Information Centre, 7 Jor Bagh
    Subject: Energy
    Language: English
    Published: 1981
    ISSN: 0970-3853

    Available at 3 Universities.

    International Environmental Affairs:A Journal for Research and Policy
    Published by: Uni Pr of New England
    Language: English

    Available at 1 Universities.

    Global Green File
    Published by: CSE
    Language: English

    Available at 1 Universities.

    Government Finance Statistics Year Book
    Published by: IMF
    Language: English

    Available at 2 Universities.

    Health and Economics
    Language: English

    Available at 1 Universities.

    Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics
    Published by: Tokyo, Hitotsubashi Daigaku, Hitotsubashi Gakkai (Japan)
    Subject: Business And Economics
    Language: English
    Published: 1960
    ISSN: 0018-280X

    Available at 8 Universities.

    Published by: Bombay, Bombay Natural History Society (India)
    Subject: Biology
    Language: English
    Published: 1976
    ISSN: 0441-2370

    Available at 16 Universities.