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Published by: Baltimore, Columbia Publishing Company (United States of America)
Subject: Literature - Poetry
Published: 1989
ISSN: 1046-9613

Available at 4 Universities.

Published by: Bloomington, Indiana University Press (United States of America)
Subject: Women's Studies
              Ethnic Interests
Language: EnglishFrenchSpanish
Published: 1990-2011
ISSN: 1046-8358

Available at 2 Universities.

Genre Magazine
Published by: Los Angeles, Genre Publishing (United States of America)
Subject: Homosexuality
              Men's Interests
Language: English
Published: 1991
ISSN: 1074-5246

Available at 1 Universities.

Published by: San Francisco, Lutherans Concerned - San Francisco (United States of America)
Subject: Homosexuality
              Religions And Theology - Protestant
Published: 1979
ISSN: 0165-8603

Available at 15 Universities.