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    Journal of Educo-Ecology
    Published by: Sultanpur, Satya Prakash Singh (India)
    Language: Multiple
    Published: 1990
    ISSN: 0971-6033

    Available at 1 Universities.

    Mathematics and computation
    Published by: Trondheim, Norges tekniske h??gskole, Institutt for numerisk matematikk [1972]-[1991] (Norway)
    Language: Multiple
    Published: 1972
    ISSN: 0803-4893

    Available at 1 Universities.

    Annals of Economics and Statistics / Annales d'Économie et de Statistique
    Published by: Paris, Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques (France)
    Subject: Business And Economics - Abstracting
    Language: Multiple
    Published: 1986
    ISSN: 0769-489X

    Available at 2 Universities.

    Published by: Toronto, Mihir Publications (Canada)
    Language: Multiple
    Published: 1978
    ISSN: 0821-5189

    Available at 6 Universities.

    Environmental Abstracts
    Published by: New Delhi, National Environmental Science Academy (India)
    Language: MultipleEnglish
    Published: 1992
    ISSN: 0971-4804

    Available at 4 Universities.

    Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie
    Published by: Stuttgart, Gebru?ëder Borntraeger (Germany)
    Language: Multiple
    Published: 1925
    ISSN: 0372-8854

    Available at 3 Universities.

    Jardin Botanique de l'Etat a Bruxelles. Bulletin
    Published by: Meise, BE, Nationale Plantentuin van Belgie
    Subject: Biology - Botany
    Language: Multiple
    Published: 1862
    ISSN: 0374-6313

    Available at 2 Universities.

    Acta Technica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae
    Published by: Budapest, Akad. Kiado (Hungary)
    Language: Multiple
    Published: 1950
    ISSN: 0001-7035

    Available at 1 Universities.

    Casopis Moravskeho musea v Brne
    Published by: Brno, Moravske Zemske museum (cz)
    Language: Multiple
    Published: 1949
    ISSN: 1212-1967

    Available at 1 Universities.

    Chemical Engineering Journal and Biochemical Engineering Journal : an international journal of research and development
    Published by: Lausanne, Elsevier Sequoia S.A. (China)
    Subject: Engineering - Chemical Engineering
                  Biology - Bioengineering
    Language: Multiple
    Published: 1970
    ISSN: 0923-0467

    Available at 5 Universities.