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    Africa Letter
    Published by: Calcutta, K.K. Roy (Private) Ltd. (India)
    Subject: Political Science
    Language: English
    Published: 1971
    ISSN: 0044-6491

    Available at 1 Universities.

    Bulletin of Botanical Survey of India
    Published by: New Delhi, Botanical Survey of India (India)
    Subject: Biology - Botany
    Published: 1959
    ISSN: 0006-8128

    Available at 11 Universities.

    Darshana International : an international quarterly of philosophy, psychology, sociology, psychical research, religion and mysticism
    Published by: Moradabad, Darashna International (India)
    Subject: Philosophy
    Published: 1961
    ISSN: 0011-6734

    Available at 15 Universities.

    Geobios : an international journal of life sciences on earth
    Published by: Rajasthan, University of Jodhpur, Botany Department (India)
    Subject: Biology
    Published: 1974
    ISSN: 0251-1223

    Available at 11 Universities.

    Published by: Mysore, Institute of commonwealth and American studies and English language, literary press (India)
    Subject: Sociology
    Published: 1960
    ISSN: 0024-2554

    Available at 3 Universities.

    New Delhi
    Published by: New Delhi, Anand Bazar Patrika Ltd. (India)
    Subject: General Interest Periodicals - India
    Published: 1978

    Available at 3 Universities.

    Political Scientist
    Published by: Bihar, Ranchi University, Department of Political Science (India)
    Subject: Political Science
    Published: 1964
    ISSN: 0032-3209

    Available at 5 Universities.

    Published by: Bombay, Savita Exports (India)
    Subject: Children And Youth - For
                  Women's Interests
    Published: 1947
    ISSN: 0036-5149

    Available at 3 Universities.

    Sports Week
    Published by: Bombay, Inquilab Publications (India)
    Subject: Sports And Games
    Published: 1968

    Available at 4 Universities.

    Blitz: India's Greatest Weekly
    Published by: Bombay, Blitz Publications Private Ltd. (India)
    Subject: General Interest Periodicals - India
    Published: 1941
    ISSN: 0006-4882

    Available at 9 Universities.