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    Acta Hydrochimica et Hydrobiologica
    Published by: Weinheim, Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker, Fachgruppe Wasserchemie (Germany)
    Subject: Water Resources
                  Public Health And Safety
    Published: 1967
    ISSN: 0323-4320

    Available at 1 Universities.

    Radiochimica Acta : international journal for chemical aspects of nuclear science and technology
    Published by: Munich, R. Oldenbourg Verlag GmbH (Germany)
    Subject: Chemistry - Physical Chemistry
    Published: 1962
    ISSN: 0033-8230

    Available at 1 Universities.

    Libri : International Journal of Library and Information Service
    Published by: Munich, K.G. Saur Verlag KG (Germany)
    Subject: Library And Information Sciences
    Language: English
    Published: 1951
    ISSN: 0024-2667

    Available at 20 Universities.

    Cell and Tissue Research
    Published by: Berlin, Springer-Verlag (Germany)
    Subject: Biology - Cytology And Histology
    Language: English
    ISSN: 0302-766X, 1432-0878

    Available at 12 Universities.

    Communications in Mathematical Physics
    Published by: Berlin, Springer-Verlag (Germany)
    Subject: Physics
    Published: 1965
    ISSN: 0010-3616

    Available at 9 Universities.

    Zeitschrift Fuer Anorganische Und Allgemeine Chemie
    Published by: Heidelberg, Huethig GmbH (Germany)
    Subject: Chemistry
    Language: English
    ISSN: 0044-2313

    Available at 11 Universities.

    IRAL. International review of applied linguistics in language teaching
    Published by: Berlin, De Gruyter Mouton (Germany)
    Subject: Linguistics
    Language: Multiple
    Published: 1963
    ISSN: 0019-042X

    Available at 6 Universities.

    Published by: Jena, Gustav Fischer Verlag Jena (Germany)
    Subject: Agriculture - Crop Production And Soil
    Published: 1961
    ISSN: 0031-4056

    Available at 4 Universities.

    Journal of Mathematical Biology
    Published by: Berlin, Springer-Verlag (Germany)
    Subject: Biology
    Language: English
    ISSN: 0303-6812

    Available at 10 Universities.